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Diner Accidentally Discovers Dinosaur Footprints At Restaurant In China

In this week’s bizarre news, one of the customers at an eatery in China allegedly discovered the footprints of dinosaurs. The event happened in the Sichuan province of China, which left the netizens stunned. Obviously, this is one of the most unheard stories of the decade, and the customers who were present there were rocked by shock and disbelief. It’s very unusual in this era to talk about the real presence of dinosaurs that have just been remembered in stories and tales. Later, after the incident, paleontologists took the case and started exploring some insights regarding the matter as netizens went wild trying to postulate the cause.

It has been reported by The Washington Post that the footprints discovered in a restaurant are as old as 100 million years and have been traced back to the two most notable dinosaurs. The paleontologists stated that the two dinosaurs reportedly wandered over the Sichuan province and were “known for their long necks and tails,” as reported by Lida Xing, who is a paleontologist and associate professor at the China University of Geosciences.

He told CNN that the footprints are of “sauropods,” which are renowned for being the largest animals on Earth. This is horrifying, isn’t it? A lot of questions arise here, like what are these dinosaurs doing in China and can we say that this is an indication of any unusual occurrence? Moreover, Xing stated, “Sauropod tracks are not rare in the Sichuan Basin…” but they are very rarely found in restaurants downtown. Most of the time, the ground of the city is either vegetation or cement. “

She further added, “This discovery is actually like a jigsaw, adding a piece of evidence to Sichuan’s Cretaceous period and the diversity of dinosaurs.” However, the restaurant owner reserved these footprints by putting a fence around the marks to prevent people from stepping them over and vanishing them, as these footprints could prove to be a major source in exploring further details about the nature of these dinosaurs.

Xing added that the dinosaurs were present in the “Cretaceous period” and it’s really shocking to discover these footprints now when the “dinosaurs really flourished.” It should be noted that prior to taking the area in the form of a restaurant, it was once a chicken farm. The netizens are curious about the further explanation of these footprints and what precautionary steps they need to take as they are somewhat horrified as well.

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