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Digitize Your Doodles On Any Surface With Phree Smartpen

doodle digitizer

We all are doodle artists in one form or another. Some of us like to scribble choicest swear words to illustrate our sense of humor, others draw sports cars while some write down equations handy for the class tests! This vandalizing of the school property has been going on for generations, and there is no stopping the inward talent. But how to stop all this without suppressing the very natural talents of people? Meet Phree, the doodle digitizer!

Different kinds of doodle digitizers are available in the market right now, but Phree appears more promising from all others as it allows the user to digitize his favorite doodles from any surface. Be it your classroom desk, the wall on the street, the subway station or even your own arm. It can digitize via Bluetooth to any device.

The gadget was developed OTM Technologies based in Israel who were behind the making of a LASER pen that could write on any surface. This time they are back with this cool digitizer. The main idea behind Phree is that people prefer to write on different kinds of surfaces, not just a smooth paper. We like to doodle as we go along. The Phree pen has been designed to fit in your hand and feels good. At the tip of the pen is the smallest 3-D laser interferometer in the world. The sensor has been patented for exclusive use by OTM Technologies.

The sensor has been patented for exclusive use by OTM Technologies. It senses the interferences while writing and then this data is fed into complex algorithms that convert it into motion signals. On further analysis, they are converted into doodles.

Phree is directly compatible with Viber, Google Keyboard, and EverNote, but it is capable of working with any device that has Bluetooth.  An OLED light present on the side is also a nifty feature that shows notifications from the connected device. It even answers calls.

OTM is currently looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The pledge has been set at 219 $ and the initial 100,000 $ required to start production have been surpassed, and the current commitments amount up to an excess of 500,000. So, it seems that the idea of a universal doodling pen was loved by the public. Shipping is expected midway next year.