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Did You Know That Aluminum Cans Have A Hidden Plastic Case In Them? This Experiment Shows You How

Have you ever wondered what is hidden inside the cans we use every day? The video that we bring for you today will show you exactly what it is that is hidden inside the cans. You will need a bottle of sodium hydroxide, water, emery paper (sandpaper), and a can for this amazingly funky experiment.

Using these simple materials and some science, the video will help you find out the material that is lurking inside your aluminum cans; plastic. The plastic is not present inside the cans without a good reason. In fact, it is present because it serves a very important purpose; it prevents the can from undergoing corrosion and contamination of drinks or food.

Almost all of us make use of cans for drinking fresh sodas, juices, and beers. However, most of us remain unaware of the materials that they are created from and why those materials are used. This experiment actually helps us ponder over what is obvious and ask the questions about even the most basic items that we are using.

So, how was it discovered? We don’t know for sure. However, we do know that anyone can actually check this out by carrying out the experiment on their own. However, we do suggest that you make use of plastic gloves to make sure that you don’t end up getting injured. Just remember that these are actually strong chemicals so caution must be taken. Do make sure that children are not nearby before you attempt this experiment on your own!

We think that the experiment is a great way of getting us to think about which materials are used for the stuff that we use on a daily basis and don’t about. We suggest that you check out the video below and do let us know what you think of it.