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This Tree Shaped Device Can Charge Your Phone Using Solar Energy In 2 Hours


Credits: Gingko Tree

XD Design’s Ginkgo tree is a fashionable and elegant power charger named after a Japanese tree that can charge two smartphones at a time in just two hours using solar energy!

The Ginko Tree solar charger consists entirely of eco-friendly plastic, aluminum, and bamboo, and besides being a wonderful decoration in your room or office desk, this tree charger is very efficient, portable and a great way to charge your devices free of cost!

Credits: Gingko Tree

Ginko tree comes with a 4,000 mAh lithium ion battery and three sleek and stylish mini solar panels. The aluminum base has two USB ports located on the back of the aluminum base which can connect any smartphones and tablets.

Credits: Gingko Tree

The base is designed in a way to wrap around and remain hidden to provide spectacular aesthetic look. And the base also entails grooves to hold your smartphone or a tablet in a nice and tidy way. This brilliant Ginko tree is a great addition to the office desk and can be purchased for the modest price of € 119,95 (just over $130) here.