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Delta Passengers Left Aghast As Airplane Engine Cover Falls Off At 28,000 Feet

A little turbulence might have been the highlight of your flight experience. However, the passengers aboard the Delta Air Lines Flight 762 were to witness something that has never happened in the history of commercial flying.

Though the skies were calm, what the passengers saw outside their windows might have jolted them enough to slosh their drinks. En route from Atlanta to Chicago, the Boeing 717 was flying at an altitude of 28,000 feet when the cabin lights were turned on.


Image Source: Nyomdagepek


It was a real spectacle outside the window because the cowling, engine cover for the layman, had fallen off.

However, that was not it. Apparently, the piece had plunged down and struck the fuselage as well.


Image Source: CNN


The passengers were left aghast, and an emergency was declared by the pilot. The plane eventually made an uneventful landing in Nashville.


Image Source: CNN


All the passengers, including the flight crew, walked away intact. Imagine what a tale they will have to tell back home!

Meanwhile, Delta offered “a gesture of apology” to the passengers as it looks into the matter.

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