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D.Throne Is A Classy Electric Toy Car For The Aristocratic Child


If you are an adult with tons of money, you have tons of choices for a classic car to wheel around the city, but if you are a kid, you only get to enjoy an expensive car with a chauffeur to drive you around. It won’t stay that way for long, as the biggest of automotive companies are jumping into making expensive toy gear for the kids. The Tesla Model S, Ford Mustang, or the McLaren P1 have a style of their own, but if your little one has a preference for the classic cars of the 1900s like the Rolls Royce, there is no other option but the D.Throne.

The D.Throne is a boutique car for your tiny one, with a durability much more than that of a toy car. You do not have to restrict the car to the backyard; it designed for the outside world where you can drive it into the grass, rough pavements, or even a hilly surface. The battery of the electric car gives you a drive time of three to seven hours on a full charge. This could get your kid to lots of places, pretty far away if you want.

Considering the fact that the D.Throne is meant for little kids, the car is insanely over-engineered. It is equipped with a full rear suspension and a working differential that handles the electric power control to the rear wheels. The frame is made up of metal and covered with pale wood. The weight capacity of the car is rated at 200 kg (441 lb). So if your older sibling, or maybe even some eccentric uncle of your tries to get into the car, you are safe.

The design of the D.Throne is inspired by the century-old classic British shapes. The first thing that comes to one’s mind is a Rolls Royce after looking at the little one. The car is made in China, but the classic finish will never remind you of that. The elegant wooden details like the steering wheel and the leather seat will make you feel like Richie Rich.

You do not even have to stick with the design as it is with a variety of customization options. A range of different colors, for leather, the frame, and even the wood are available. The car will get rid of the plastic feel of the other comparable toy cars so your spoiled brat can enjoy. D.Throne does not just remind us of the Rolls-Royce, the expected price of the car is somewhere along the lines of US$ 3,000. So car actually is meant for royalty. Considering the amount of effort the design team must have put into this piece, the price sounds just worth it.

Have a look at the D.Throne in action: