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Cybertruck ‘Glitch’ Nearly Costs A Man His Life After It Sent Him Smashing Into A Road Sign

The Cybertruck 'Glitch' That Nearly Cost A Life: Owner Of New EV Claims Brakes Malfunctioned As He Turned Corner And Sent Him Smashing Into Road Sign - When The Airbags Also Failed 

Brakes are pivotal in any vehicle. They also contribute as a major deciding factor for consumers when they are deciding which vehicle to buy. Tesla’s Cybertruck, however, has failed to impress customers with its braking ability. To make matters worse, a California driver’s harrowing experience underscores potential safety risks associated with the vehicle’s malfunctioning brakes. 

In the backdrop of growing concerns over Teslas’ malfunctioning brakes, images of a destroyed Tesla Truck are circulating on the internet. According to the driver of the Cybertruck, the brakes malfunctioned, and the Cybertruck went out of control. He tried to control the vehicle but to no avail.  

This incident adds to a long string of incidents related to Tesla’s braking system. The initial concerns were voiced back in 2021, but Tesla refuted those claims. The recall of 1.1 million vehicles in 2023 was when the cat came out of the bag. The Chinese authorities believed that the issues with the braking system were so grave that they could no longer be ignored.  

Tesla insists that these issues are software-related and will be addressed soon. However, with incidents mounting, Tesla might have no time to address them.  

Elon Musk has a history of defying odds. Maybe he will prevail this time, too. The way the Cybertruck was advertised, enthusiasm for the Truck is not going anywhere anytime soon. The vehicle driver escaped significant injuries and came out of the accident unscathed. Let’s hope that Tesla addresses these issues and prioritizes customer safety.  

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