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This Crazy Map Shows What Is The Most Googled Product For Every Country

Map Of Googled Products In Every Country (1)

Your Google search results are solely based on the kind of person that you are, what stage of life you are at, and quite a lot on the Google search suggestions. If you are looking for an authentic pizza you would be looking at Italy, if you are thinking about the finest wine, France might be a good place to look at, cherry blossoms? Maybe Japan, if it is about electronics, definitely China. But is it really what the country is considered the most for? Not according to the cost-estimating website

The site put together a map of the world showing the most googled product in each country. They used a simple formula for the Google search: “How much does * cost in [x country].” We all know how the Google search results vary with your preferences, time of the search, place of search, and your own search history. Nonetheless, it does give you a good idea of the international perception of the country.

The most fascinating results coming out of the maps were:

Have a look and the maps and find out what your country is known for:

Source: Fixr

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