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Concrete Canvas Technology Lets You Erect A Building In Only 24 Hours

This amazing technology allows you to create a concrete building so easily that you’d think it’s a joke. The material is known as concrete canvas and it’s a material that has all the elements of concrete and yet is flexible enough to be given any shape.

The material is transported in a water proof wrapping which is cut and then water is introduced into the bag to allow for the canvas to become wet. For the video, they used 800-1,000 liters of water. Once it has been provided with enough water, the concrete has 5 hours before it sets and during this time you can give it any shape that you want to give it. For the shelter, they used an air blower to erect the structure and you can see that it can withstand a blow torch and hammer. In fact, it is strong enough for you to stand on it. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it. Oh and the total process takes about 24 hours only!

As can be seen in the video, you will be able to erect permanent structures in a fraction of time as compared to conventional building techniques. The uses are endless; it can be used during natural disasters, for shelter purposes and for military use as well.