Chinese Professor Builds A Mountain Resort On Top Of His Apartment Building

Chinese professor decided to be creative about his home located in a busy city. So he built himself a rocky garden getaway on top of the building where his apartment was. Nice way to break away from the usual hustle bustle of the local city right? The apartment is pretty much like a dream for him. He shifted piles of rubble to the roof of the Beijing apartment block. However, the problem is the fact that he didn’t check with city officials or the neighbors and now Zhang Lin’s mountain home located on top of the building will be taken down because it is damaging the structure’s integrity.

It took him a total of 6 years to construct this home.

It appears to have been carved out from a real mountain.

Residents are furious from the construction noise and cracks forming in ceilings.

Residents are actually afraid of the building failing under the weight.

A number of homes get flooded when it rains.

Drain and pipes have incurred damage too.

The apartment was a simple attic apartment when Lin bought it.

City officials have taken notice and are examining the structure.

Isn’t it a lovely abode? But the neighbors find it to be a problem.