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Chinese Landlord Constructs Illegal Floors On Top Of His Skyscraper By Planting Trees

Believe it or not, laws are there for our own safety; whether they are the laws of a company or the housing society that you live in. In most of the cases, it is beneficial to us if we follow these laws.
However, every now and then, we find people who try to bend those laws and attempt certain things that the law wouldn’t generally allow. For instance; say hello to the Chinese Businessman who purchased an 18th floor penthouse apartment a few years ago in Guangzhou city. Back then, he was happy with what he got but not long before, he started making some changes that were classified by the neighbours as ‘weird’. Long story short; he had added two floors to his apartment. How?

Well, the businessman started off by making changes to the rooftop in terms of plantation. He opted for huge trees and some rather very thick bushes for the roof. At first the neighbors believed this was an attempt to protect the privacy of the owner. However, suspicions were raised when he made use of camouflage nets which employed plant foliage. It was revealed that the businessman was actually building two more stories on his apartment. So his ‘renovation’ was actually construction of two more floors on his apartment. Why the camouflage and all secrecy; because the local planning laws will not allow this construction.

Too bad for the businessman that his well though plan got revealed and as soon as the residents of the Haitang Ge neighborhood found out what was going on, they lodged a number of complaints against him but no action was taken for two years due to the fact that the businessman is well connected. A construction director anonymously commented that the two-storey reaction could very well put the apartment building at risk. Finally, the experts on construction have stepped in and are looking into the matter by conducting tests etc and if it turns out that the construction puts the apartment at risk, then the constructed floors shall be demolished.

Although this may sound comical to most of our readers, but such feats are becoming more and more common in China. Check out the video below for more: