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Chinese Employers Are Firing Employees Who Recently Bought The iPhone 7

Did your Android-loving friends annoy you endlessly with their iPhone banter when you emptied your wallet for the brand new iPhone 7? It seems like you might have gotten off lightly!

The Chinese employers are threatening to fire their workers or to hold off their promotions if they indulge in ‘Apple-mania.’ If you think the employers are horrified by Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack from the new edition of iPhone, you are wrong.


Image Source: Weibo


The Chinese employers have taken up against Apple due to purely patriotic reasons. The anti-iPhone firms claim they want to dissuade their employees from being too materialistic. The Nanyang Yongkang Medicine Company in the Henan province of China went as far as issuing an official notice for the workers that warned them against buying iPhone 7 and read:

“If you break this rule, then just come to the office straight way to hand in your resignation.”

The notice reminded the Chinese nation of the invasion of the Japanese troops in the north east China. The Japanese attacked China in 1913 and September 18, 2016 marks the 85th anniversary of the invasion.

“September 18th is a historical day. Don’t forget the national humiliation and let’s boycott foreign products.”


Image Source: Johannes Eisele


The spokesperson for the company, Mr. Liu has confirmed the authenticity of the notice. He stated that the chairman of the company wished that the workers would give preference to their families rather than the luxury items like an iPhone.

The notice went viral on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent for Facebook, and ‘Staff buying iPhone7 get fired’ began trending soon after. Some Weibo users reminded the boycotters that the move was against their own financial interests since most of the handsets are manufactured in Foxconn factories in China. A Weibo user, Bibibidou said:

“This could cause the Foxconn company to collapse and thousands of people would be unemployed. That’s not even mentioning the losses it could cause to domestic parts suppliers.”

A similar sort of notice was issued by the Fuling Xinjiuzhou Gynecology Hospital in Chongqing that advised the staff to stay away from the ‘Apple-habit.’

“iPhone 7 has recently come onto the market and the price is a record high among the similar mobiles. In order to promote thrift and avoid waste, the hospital administration office has made a decision: we ban our staff from buying iPhone 7s.”


Image Source: Weibo


The staff members carrying an iPhone 7 will not be awarded the top grade in their staff appraisal. Videos of iPhones being smashed went viral on Weibo and quite a few Chinese stores have refused to stock the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in wake of the prevalent protests.



Meanwhile, Apple has reaffirmed its plans to launch an R&D center in Beijing, worth $45 million.

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