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China’s Power Grid Can Now Be Reset In Just 3 Seconds – Thanks To The Power Of AI

In recent years, AI has become a well-established player in managing our day-to-day technological operations. Recently, scientists have discovered an incredible method through the use of artificial intelligence that brings the power back without even making you aware of the blackout. We have seen that power cuts are one of the most disturbing situations, especially in the summer, and it also hinders our day-to-day activities. Developing countries are suffering a lot due to this issue, but this new invention by one of the power grid companies in China is an incredible scientific feat of its own.

This AI-made system has been designed to operate after just three seconds the power goes off. This is an unnoticeable interval that ensures the smooth flow of activities without disturbing people. However, the previous system that incorporated the use of computers took six to ten hours until the power came back on. Compared to ten hours, these three seconds made us realize that the newly developed system is an unusual marvel of technology.

However, it should be noted that the system has just been limited to a residential community in China and is on trial for one month. The community is located in the Xinjiang region of Urumqi and has more than 200 families. This newly designed power grid system, which has been deployed for this community on a trial and test basis, incorporates multiple sensors, and each sensor has its own “brain”. The system automatically proceeds along the most viable route for power transmission without the need for any human resources.

As a well-established player, the system “instantly starts the self-healing function, including automatic fault location, fault isolation, and power restoration.” Through the use of specially designed algorithms, the restoration of the power cut happens automatically through a controlled process. Interestingly, one of the residents of this community said, “Now the outage is almost nothing. The power comes as soon as it stops, not affecting life and work in any way.”

One of the engineers of the project stated, “In a residential community, the grid connects to a large number of end users. The environment is quite complex. Many different kinds of problems can happen. Most issues need to be located and identified manually. ” He further said, “And Chinese power grid workers are probably the most efficient in the world. But when it happens, it still takes hours to fix the problem.”

The team is now looking forward to the expansion of this system and is on its way to introducing the system all across China, the engineer said. “In the past, these sensors and related data transmission technology were only available for high-voltage power lines. Now they are making their way into neighborhoods, “he added.

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