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China Unveils Elevated Mass Transit Bus That Drives Over Other Cars

China Hoverbus3

China’s overpopulation problems, especially in the Urban areas cannot be understated since many people in the billion-plus population have relocated to twenty or so metropolises around the country. But, many of these cities weren’t planned to hold this sea of people, so they get massive traffic jams and general inconvenience while commuting between work and their living quarters. Such is the magnitude of the problem that Chinese are looking for innovative ways to help solve it without having the need of major civil works. This new Elevated bus concept is one of these innovative solutions although it seems pretty dangerous to me.

The basic concept involves a train-like capsule that is hollow underneath and such that cars can pass through it. The bus runs on tracks that are either side of the road with the empty area in between the road where cars can easily zoom in and out as they like. The passenger cabin of the bus is above this part, and the designers claim that more than 1200 people can be accommodated in a single cabin! Well, that escalated quickly. The new approach was displayed at 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo where other similar ideas were pitched to address the various needs of the Chinese public. 

Here is the bus about its business:

But, one look at it and you can see that there is no separation mechanism between the roads and the rails and drivers will have to be too vigilant around these buses to hold on for dear life. Plus the sensation of it passing above you must not be nice as it will resemble the passage of a tunnel. But, Chinese authorities are going ahead with this project, and its prototype model will be completed within a year. The first tests will be conducted in Qinhuangdao City, in north China’s Hebei Province at the end of this year. 

So, what do you think about it?

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