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China Says It Now Has The Capacity To Build A High-Speed Rail Link To Taiwan

Beijing Says It Now Has Capacity To Build Taiwan High-Speed Rail Link From Chinese Mainland

In a visionary leap towards bridging the gap between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, a high-speed transportation conduit is on the cusp of becoming a reality. As the technical foundations for this ambitious project solidify, the Deputy Head of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, Cong Liang, announced a collective effort to fulfill the long-held aspiration of enabling seamless sea travel between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

This groundbreaking development promises to revolutionize travel trade and economic collaboration between China and Taiwan. Cong Liang’s revelation underscores the significant progress in fostering cross-strait infrastructure connectivity. As the pieces of this intricate puzzle fall into place, there’s growing anticipation that goods from Taiwan will gain expedited access to the expansive Eurasian market, thanks to the forthcoming China-Europe cargo railway services and other innovative transport solutions.

Notably, Fujian has been diligently laying the groundwork for comprehensive transportation networks, a crucial step in turning the vision of a high-speed transport corridor between the province and Taiwan into reality. Cong Liang aptly described these initiatives as “a solid foundation” for seamless infrastructure connectivity across the Taiwan Strait.

One key milestone on the horizon is the completion of an expressway and high-speed railway that will span from Beijing to Taiwan, passing through FuzhouBeijing Says It Now Has the Capacity To Build Taiwan High-Speed Rail Link From Chinese Mainland Fujian by 2035. These grand infrastructure projects promise to further fortify mainland China and Taiwan’s vital links and economic integration.

Furthermore, plans are afoot to deepen the synergy between Fujian’s Xiamen city and Kinmen, an offshore island neighboring Xiamen. This multifaceted endeavor includes expediting the development of gas, electricity, and transportation networks to bridge these two regions seamlessly. Remarkably, this partnership ensures that Kinmen residents residing in Xiamen will enjoy the same privileges as residents, symbolizing the commitment to fostering cross-Strait ties.

Taiwanese residents in Kinmen stand to benefit immensely from these integration policies. Moreover, the prospect of constructing a bridge between Xiamen and Kinmen promises to create a harmonious living circle for both communities. This closer bond between daily life and trade in Kinmen and Fujian has led to a strong affinity among Kinmen’s populace for Fujian and the Chinese mainland, evident in their resounding support for reunification.

Underpinning this burgeoning relationship are grassroots exchanges focusing on kinship, matrimonial bonds, cultural traditions, and historical heritage. It’s worth noting that thousands of Taiwanese individuals have embarked on entrepreneurial journeys, pursued education, and found a home in Fujian, thus forging closer people-to-people ties and economic synergy, as eloquently articulated by Luo Dongchuan, Fujian’s Deputy Party Chief.

The endeavor to strengthen transportation and economic bonds between Fujian and Taiwan marks a monumental stride towards fostering cross-Strait cooperation and integration. In this endeavor, the aim is not just connectivity but also shared prosperity, realizing people’s dreams on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

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