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China May Have Been Developing Killer Autonomous Submarines Secretly For Years

The military has always been one of the major focus areas for countries because dynamic power relations and the struggle for power is known to man since the beginning of time. Even though now, there are no obvious or covert signs of a world war or a battle between countries that are superpowers, but all of them are prepared for any mishaps. This is done by actively trying to keep the military developments fast and efficient so when the time comes, nobody is defenseless.

China is one of the world’s few superpowers and is not on very friendly or amicable terms with the USA. The struggle for dominance is present between both countries and neither wishes to step down for the other. So, both the countries are engaged in bettering their defense and offense systems in the military to best each other.

Recently, China has disclosed the possession of a completely autonomous submarine that will function and target the enemy on its own. It is not necessary for a human to be present for its operation. China also has a history of owning a similar kind of drone that was used earlier in 2010. In its field test, the drone was able to detect the sonar signal given off by a mock submarine. The drone then adjusted its focus towards the submarine, made it a target, and attacked it successfully. In the entire trial, no human intervention was done, and it was an independent trial. A similar result is expected from this autonomous submarine.

There are speculations and reservations regarding the announcement of China about the possession of this smart submarine. It is claimed that the submarine existed in 2010 as well, but China is now making it more public and open to the eyes of the world. It may be because of the tension between the US, Japan, and China. It is believed that the government wants to assert dominance over the rivals, whatever the truth may be.

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