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China Appears To Be Building Clones Of U.S Vessels – To Use As Target Practice

China is upgrading its defense practices by making emulations of US Navy aircraft carriers and other warships, Reuters reports. It is being said that they are doing this for better target practicing.

This news is not sitting well with the US and is creating more tensions. Owing to the economic skirmishes and even military kerfuffles, both of the countries are already having hostility between them.

Now, according to Reuters, images were taken by satellite imagery company Maxar Technologies show at least one full-scale outline of a US aircraft carrier and two missile destroyers near a suspected target rage complex in the Taklamakan Desert.

An entirely separate rail system that is almost 20 feet wide, is also being used as a way to simulate moving vessels.

The area has been used for ballistic missile testing earlier. According to the US Naval Institute, the mockups were part of a target range set up by the People’s Liberation Army, CBS reports.

It was also found out through satellite images that the country is constructing over 100 identical missile silos in the desert near the city of Yumen in northwest China. this gives a clear indication of China expanding its nuclear power.

In addition to this, it was also revealed that China is working on a hypersonic missile. US government officials were surprised by the fact that the missile seemingly circled the globe in low-Earth orbit before moving towards its intended target.

It is for sure that these advancements are happening for better military systems. Given the already heightened tension between the US and China, this is a concerning point. Let’s hope it does not lead to a Second Cold War.

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