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44 Chicago Wallpapers For Mobile And Desktop In HD

What’s the first thing that comes up in your mind when someone mentions Chicago? Most people would say cold or windy. Only a few would say the skyline. This is what Chicago has beneath its cold. A beauty can be preserved on aesthetic Chicago wallpapers. The combination of the Lake Michigan, the unique architecture of the concrete jungle, the lights, and the sky is beyond compare. Chicago is famous with its skyscrapers such as Sears Tower, The Trump Tower, Aon Center, John Hancock Center, AT & T Corporate Center, and others.

How to enjoy the skyline exposing the three of the highest building in Unites State? Nowadays, there are many cruises that offer you to enjoy the beautiful Chicago. Some of them offer you a voyage through the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. You can choose the day cruise package or the night one depending on your preferences in sightseeing. Some others will take you for a lunch Cruise to see the best views of the Navy Pier. They offer you a buffet lunch so you can choose the food that you like. If you prefer to do the cruise at night, there is a dinner cruise combined with beautiful lights of the buildings and the Lake Michigan for a romantic choice.

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On January 2nd, we have our Chicago Book Party. You can see more information there or sign up on the Facebook Event Page.

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Daily Photo – Chicago from a Chopper

Chicago is an awesome city and I always have a good time there. This time of year, it gets a bit cold… and if you don’t have a good coat pre-buttoned before you go outside, well, that’s a big mistake.
I have a good friend there that arranged a helicopter for me in Chicago and took the door off! I hung out for a few hours battling the backwash as we circled the city and flew in and out of the buildings. This is one of the shots from that series, and I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did shooting it!
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Despite its windy and cold weather, Chicago is a good option for city sightseeing. As the third most populous city in the United States, Chicago is packed with astonishing business districts. It is populated by various races. In fact, it has the highest population of African American among other states. It is also famous with its outdoor public arts such as Daniel Chester French’s Statue of the Republic and Benjamin Ferguson’s 1905 trust. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your camera to capture the magnificent moment of the skyline and public arts for your own personal Chicago wallpapers at home.