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Chevrolet Unveils The Self-Driving FNR Car And You Can Start It with Your Eyes

Damn you concept cars! Why yo do this to us? You are like those hot supermodels we just can’t get in our assembly lined lives. Anyway, these cars do offer some insight into the future if not reality. Their flashy curves, shining armour and cruised interior overwhelm us. But, we all know we won’t be seeing this kind of stuff for a decade or so when the manufacturing process becomes cheap enough, and we can outsource it to China. But nevertheless, they inspire us to dream of the future without any mental barriers. Here we are going to introduce you to the Chevrolet-FNR. It is a self-driven concept car from Chevrolet that looks a lot like a cross between Batmobile and Need For Speed’s FZR 2000.

The car was revealed for the first time at General Motor’s gala night in Shanghai this week. In General Motor’s realistically put words “It gave a glimpse into the future of mobility”. Very well said GM although we might need specifics about the future. The car was made in a joint venture by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center.

According to GM, the aim of this concept car was to create a unique and intelligent vehicle for younger customers by developing an innovative car networking technology. So, the self-driven nature of the car is the most talked about feature of the FNR. Just like other self-driven cars, FNR is equipped with motion sensors and roof mounted radar for vehicle/obstacle detection and path mapping. You can also turn the car on with your eyes with the help of the all new iris recognition based starting system.

The Hubless electrical wheels and the wireless auto charging system offer the vehicle’s streamlined mobility accessories. The headlights and tail lights are crystal lasers and dragonfly doors open to reveal a little cramped but equally ultra modern interior. The seats are comfy, and the front two can even be swivelled to face the rear seats due to the added self-driving feature. It feels more like a capsule travel than a car in this arrangement.

Chevrolet has reaffirmed that the car is just a concept, and no production/release dates could be expected. Darn! But it did unveil a new Malibu car along with it.

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