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Check Out This Beautiful And Cozy House Made Out Of Shipping Containers

House built with three 20 feet containers.

We have seen people build exciting and cool stuff with shipping containers, but not as fresh and fabulous as this small comfortable house located in a scenic town of New Zealand. Brenda, who previously lived in a container house in Oakland, was done with city life for now and decided to live somewhere scenic and serene.

She has done multiple projects on transforming the containers into full of life cozy and comfy homes. She has quite an expertise with laying the perfect design with maximum space utilization. The container home shown from inside and out is built with smart ideas and is a work of art.

Loads of old shipping containers rust out resting in unfavorable conditions; however, if it were on Brenda, she would have built them all and promoted the kind of lifestyle one can achieve in the container home.

Brenda used three 20 feet containers to build her self this house; the construction began when Brenda decided to herself of moving away from the busy city life.

The container house has a beautiful entrance and lies in a place of solitude. Brenda kept the exterior design a little funky with one of her favorite color stripes on the container walls. It also consists of a terrace with a spacious sitting area that connects to the kitchen window as well.

All the views from the windows are just magical. You get to see blue water and mountains even from inside. The interior is designed and executed so well, and space is utilized to perfection, all with a delicate modern touch. The interior doesn’t feel like the place is made out of combining three shipping containers, and that is the beauty of Brenda’s built box house.

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