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Check Out These Weird Concept Cars That Will Leave You Shocked

Concept cars have always gone one step beyond the boundaries of car design. However, there are some concept cars that have to be seen in order to believe that they were actually thought of. We have put together a list of some of the weirdest and interesting concept cars for you. The list is not exhaustive and not in any particular order. Check it out!

1. The Peugeot Moovie

The Peugeot Moovie is among the weirdest concept cars that you will ever lay your eyes at. Even its name matches the unorthodox design that it so proudly offers. It can be best described as a human-sized hamster ball. The Moovie was unveiled for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. The design was chosen by the Managing Director of Peugeot, Frédéric Saint-Geours, on the ‘Design the Peugeot of your dreams for the near future’. It was the winning design from the total of 3,800 designs that were submitted and was created by a 23-year-old Portuguese student.

2. The Suzuki Mobile Terrace

This car was unveiled at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show and was supposed to be powered using the fuel cell technology. It featured a steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire system that was designed to provide the maximum possible interior room. It was thoroughly symmetrical and could be accessed by the big sliding doors located on both of its sides. The roof could be opened using gull-wing doors for providing an almost 360-degree view from the interior.

3. The Volkswagen Aqua

The Volkswagen Aqua was designed to be an all-terrain vehicle, and its design came from a Chinese graduate Zhang Yuhan. The car, if it made it to the list of developed concept cars, was supposed to be powered using hydrogen fuel cells and would have had a top speed of 100 km/h.

As per Ms Yuhan, ‘There is no better form of transport than an air cushion vehicle because it travels equally well over land, ice and water. I hope Aqua will become an affordable supercar that is available to the general public one day.’

4. Tang Hua “Detroit Fish”

This concept car was designed for the 2009 Detroit Auto Show and was named as ‘Detroit Fish’. It was designed to be an amphibious vehicle that could double up as a car and a boat that was powered using the propeller. It didn’t feature any doors or side windows, and its functionality for either role was highly questionable. This makes sense because the company that designed it, Tang Hau, is known for creating wild concept cars.

5. The General Motors EN-V

The Electric Networked-Vehicle (EN-V) was a two-seater urban electric concept car that was designed in collaboration by Segway Inc and General Motors. It could be driven traditionally or autonomously. According to Wikipedia, ‘Designed for urban environments and around an extrapolation of the P.U.M.A. prototype announced by G.M. and Segway in 2009, the EN-V was unveiled at the joint G.M. & SAIC pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai from 1 May through 31 October 2010. Three different vehicles are showcased, ? Xiao (Laugh), ? Jiao (Pride) and ? Miao (Magic).’

6. The Dymaxion

This one is not among the list of concept cars, per se, but sure is an interesting car. It was designed back in the early 1930s by Buckminster Fuller. It made its debut at the 1933/1934 World’s Fair, and a total of three prototypes were built. It was powered using a Ford Flathead V8 engine and was crafted from sheet aluminum and ash framework.

7. BMW Lovos

The BMW Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity (Lovos) came with 260 identical movable parts on its bodywork that were designed to act as photovoltaic cells and air-brakes. It was designed by a German design student Anne Forschner from Pforzheim University.