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Check Out The Most Incredible Floating House

The stories of the bourgeoisie class living on their private island seem to be as compelling as they are elusive. Having a private island far away from the riotous cities appears to be the ultimate dream of the gentry.

But surely we, the working class, can’t possibly think of ever owning our own little paradise! Prepare yourself to be dazzled, as today we are going to reveal two people who have found a creative way to create and live on their private “island”.

The story began 24 years ago when in early 1990s artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King got flustered by the boisterous hustle and bustle of the city. So instead of cursing and complaining about it, they decided to rather go off the grid by building their own sustainable home off the coast. They picked a place on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and after almost two and a half decades of blood and sweat they now have an incredible home, which is quite astutely called the “Freedom Cove”.

The Freedom Cove is located beside a mountain, in the heart of nature and its unbounded beauty and glamour.

Picture Credits: Facebook / Catherine King

But here comes the twist; this isn’t just any off the grid hideout. Instead, it is a cove which is FLOATING on a waterbody amidst the mountains.

Picture Credits: Facebook / Catherine King

The artists were very thorough in making this a truly sustainable house, with a greenhouse onboard capable of providing them with fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the year.

Picture Credits: Facebook / Catherine King

With a stunning view far away from the stresses of our fast-paced lives; this indeed is a mini heaven built on the coast Canada!

Picture Credits: Facebook / Catherine King

Would you build something like this if you had the chance?

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