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Check Out Some Of The New Tech-Related Phobias That People Have These Days

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) doesn’t have any tech -related phobias. However, there are tech phobias that exist and are quite real. We have put together some of these tech phobias for our readers. Check them out below and do let us know what you think of them;


It is the abnormal fear or anxiety about the effects of technology. The word first appeared back in 1760-1840. The ‘Luddites’ is the term used for those who are opposed to new technology or new approaches to working.


It is the fear of being without your phone, ‘nomo’ is actually short for no mobile. It was coined in 2010 by the UK Post Office while looking into the anxieties suffered by the mobile phone users. Variations of this phobia include losing reception, running out of battery, and of course losing the phone itself.


It is the fear of computers. Yes, just the fear of these machines.


It is the fear of telephones but not the phones themselves but rather being afraid of answering it because you know you will either appear foolish or will be criticized.


It is a fear of taking a picture of oneself, more commonly known as a selfie. Apparently, very few are affected by it considering the number of selfies that we come across on the Internet.


This is the name of the fear of paying for a technology that is expensive, and you possess no or little knowledge about.


This is the fear of being without Internet access. Most of us do suffer from this phobia.


This is the fear of losing your television’s remote control. We believe this fear has increased considering that now we need a separate remote for our TV, for the sound system, and for the streaming device.


Ah yes, the dirty fear; the fear of dropping your phone down the toilet.


It is the fear of forgetting your master password.


This is the name given to the fear of forgetting your answer to your secret question.


Also known as the fear of missing out. This is linked with making sure that you know what everybody is up to so that you don’t miss out on their activities.

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