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ChatGPT Just Officiated Someone’s Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are deeply personal and meaningful events, often filled with tradition and human connection. However, a couple in Morrison, Colorado is about to embark on a groundbreaking wedding experience by entrusting their ceremony to artificial intelligence. Reese Wiench and Deyton Truitt have decided to have their wedding officiated by ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI.

The couple, set to be married in a charming church constructed in 1885, turned to AI to assist them in creating their unique ceremony. ChatGPT took charge of planning the welcome, the speech, and the closing remarks, leaving only the vows for the couple themselves to compose. Stephen, Reese’s father, who had prior experience with ChatGPT, found the idea intriguing and agreed to sign the marriage license since the state of Colorado doesn’t recognize artificial intelligence as an officiant.

Reese and Deyton were motivated to have their wedding before Deyton’s upcoming deployment with the Army, prompting them to explore unconventional options. They secured a venue, chose kazoos for the musical accompaniment, and arranged for a wedding-cake baker, but they were missing an officiant. ChatGPT came to the rescue, utilizing its language generation capabilities to craft a personalized ceremony for the couple.

The use of artificial intelligence in weddings is becoming increasingly prevalent, extending beyond vows to various aspects of the planning process. In fact, the couple even employed ChatGPT to write a press release announcing their AI-driven wedding, emphasizing the fusion of human emotion and technological innovation.

While some appreciate the benefits of AI in assisting with written expression and event planning, concerns have been raised about the potential replacement of human involvement in such meaningful experiences. Nevertheless, Reese and Deyton, both embracing technology in their respective fields, view their AI-infused ceremony as a reflection of their shared passions.

As the wedding day approaches, the couple envisions incorporating a robot-like device to play the ceremony generated by ChatGPT, with Stephen responsible for pressing the “Play” button. With excitement and a touch of disbelief, Stephen describes the experience as a whirlwind that cannot be halted. The fusion of love and technology is set to create a truly unforgettable event for Reese and Deyton, illuminating the possibilities that emerge when tradition intertwines with innovation.

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