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A Canadian Engineer Has Figured Out A Way To Harvest Energy From Tornadoes

This may sound crazy, but one enthusiastic engineer wants actually to harvest energy from tornadoes and use it to feed large cities. I get it that renewable energy is the future of the planet but solar and wind are widely regarded as the future of the green energy generation and not the occasional climatic disturbances like Tornados and hurricanes, so what convinced him that it was worthwhile to pursue this?

Louis Michaud intends to use vortex engines and vortex generators for this purpose and has dedicated a large portion of his life to developing them. It has reached to a point that it has become more of an obsession to him rather than a research hobby. But it is still a healthy obsession, and he has achieved tremendous success considering the design difficulties he had to face. Here is the amazing video from the engineer:

Woah, right? It is good that he believes in what he is doing and that it can work. He looks crazy even from his appearance but let’s not take away the sheer brilliant thinking of his. He even has hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding and is putting it all to great use. The main trick was to find out how best to use make a sustainable vortex. He believes that one day the ample heat from the Sun and can be harnessed by rotating it and creating his model of a sustainable vortex. The pressure differential would drive the generators and provide us with huge amounts of green energy, renewable energy.

From the Physics of it, the idea isn’t that crazy as it can happen and enough electricity can be generated if a successful design can be made. But, the real question is how to achieve the perfect vortex and are the wind dynamics and Solar heating too dynamic and random to actually control? And what if we actually let loose on the population? Let us know what you think of it!

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