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Canada’s Earth Tower Will Be The Tallest Timber Tower Once Complete

The records for the world’s tallest buildings are being shattered every now and then. We are witnessing developers working hard to make sure that their next project nags the title away from the current record-holder. Keeping up with the spirit, Perkins+Will has unveiled a new and incredible sustainable hybrid timber tower design known as Canada’s Earth Tower.

Canada’s Earth Tower will be built in Vancouver, Canada, and if it gets built; it will be the tallest hybrid timber tower to date. Just like Brock Commons, Canada’s Earth Tower will also house a concrete core and will not be built using only wood. There is not much detail available about the height of this tower, but we know that it will be taller than Mjøstårnet, and will feature forty floors.

Canada’s Earth Tower isn’t impressive only because of its height; it has also incorporated sustainability into its design. The wood will be sustainably-sourced, and according to Perkins+Will, the tower would meet the Passive House green building certifications focused on airtightness and insulation. The tower will also feature solar panels that will provide it with some of its electricity needs.

Perkins+Will says, ‘The project will be Passive House certified, and will exceed the City of Vancouver’s Zero Emissions Building Plan performance requirements, well ahead of the 2030 target. Aggressively reducing Green House Gas emissions, in construction and operations, is a priority for the project. As a part of the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council) Zero Carbon Buildings Pilot program, Canada’s Earth Tower will be a zero emissions building. The building will not consume fossil fuels, such as natural gas, in operation.’

The design shows a horseshoe-shaped podium with the tower located on top of it. The interior will have an area of 40,000 square feet and shall be comprised of residential and office spaces along with south-facing winter garden terraces that will be made available to the tenants. The wood has been left uncovered in the interior for bringing the natural beauty to limelight. The podium and the tower have been covered with greenery.

What do you think of Canada’s Earth Tower?