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Can You Solve This Math Puzzle That Is Fooling The Whole Internet?

Sneaky Math Puzzle That Has Hoodwinked Even The Best Of Us_Image 2

There is no dearth of puzzles on the internet. Some of them are quite simple while others take much longer to solve; yet again there are a few puzzles where the answer is right in front of you, and all you need is to open your eyes.

The latest math puzzle making rounds on the internet has been shared by a Facebook user named Antley Lamont Staten. The problem has been shared more than 382 thousand times.


Image Source: Facebook/Antley Lamont State


While some people don’t even take a second to answer this puzzle, others may stare at it for five to ten minutes before they figure it out.


Image Source: Facebook/Antley Lamont State


If you have been puzzling over the numbers all along, you need to shift your gaze to the left and find the “MITSAKE”.

Sometimes, the answer is not about the numbers after all! How long did you take to solve it?