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Can You Solve This Japanese Viral Math Problem That Is Baffling The Internet

How many times did you wish that it would have been you engaged in the raging mind battles against the mid graders while watching an episode of “Are you Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” Well, the internet decided to test the basic knowledge of the average Internet surfers with this very simple math problem of elementary level.

Have a look at it:


Image Source: Mic


Now, you might be reciting the famous DMAS rule under your breath as you try to figure out your next move. This basic math problem went viral in Japan after a study concluded that a mere 60 percent of the population in their 20s could actually figure out the right answer.


Image Source: Youtube


If anything, the human mind is slowing down because a previous study, conducted way back in the 80s found a massive 90 percent 20-year-olds who gave the right answer.

The elusive answer to this problem is 1. Surprised?


Image Source: Pixabay


Well, it so happens that the very tool you are using, the DMAS rule is to blame. While the DMAS rule dictates that you divide 3 by 1/3 and equate it to 1, the actual method requires you to convert the sign of division into multiplication by taking a reciprocal. Thus, you will end up with 9 in the middle whereby the equation looks quite simple to solve.


Image Source: Mic


Yet, this is not the end of your troubles. You might again refer to DMAS and decide that you need to solve the sign of addition before you tackle the minus sign, the middle term takes preference. Thereby, you can work your way to a simple and elegant answer of 1.

Watch this video where the YouTuber takes you through each step of solving this problem:


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