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Can You Explain The Science Behind This Color Changing Cake

Can You Explain The Science Behind This Color Changing Cake 3

You all remember the controversial dress, right? The white/gold or blue/black dress that had the Internet confused, angry and agitated for quite some time. Well, it is time to bring in the new hot topic; color changing cake!

The cake is basically an optical illusion of hues of icing that are constantly changing and the end result looks amazingly mesmerizing. From one angle, the cake looks like yellow, red and pink and from another angle it looks like green, blue and purple.

Observant folks would suggest that there are ridged waves that are somehow responsible for this feat. How? That is a question that is yet to be answered. Don’t worry, we have done quite a bit of research and have found the answer to this amazing illusion. As Lexine Oliveira explains, “Make the edging design you want, then take one side of the cake and spray from a straight angle on the cake, so that the color ends up on one side of the ridges alone. Spray the colors you want, then spin the cake around and do the same on the opposite side. You are working with the ridges so that you get one color on one side of the ridge and another color on the other side. There for giving the effect of changing colors when you change the cake around. It takes a bit of practice to get it to look good, but it’s really fun.”

You can watch the video below!