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Can A Commercial Aircraft Be Stolen Easily? Here’s The Answer

So basically, what prevents people from climbing in, starting the vehicle, and taking off in it? We are talking about commercial aircraft and the fact that they do not have keys!

A person who flies the CH-47 Chinook helicopters in the US Army stated, ‘By having an extremely complicated starting procedure.’ The commercial aircraft is not something that can simply be turned on and then stolen. The starting procedure is highly daunting. Apart from that, the starting procedure varies from plane to plane!

Check out the new and old Boeing 747 cockpits and tell us that you could start the engines? We will wait! Exactly, you cannot simply jump in and take off, can you? That is the biggest deterrent keeping the would-be-thieves away from commercial aircraft. Oh and also the fact that even if they are able to somehow start it up, crashing it means instant death or heavy injuries; quite sure no one wants to find themselves in such a situation!