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Cable Car Collapse In Turkey Leaves One Person Dead And 200 Stranded

An unfortunate event occurred in the vicinity of Antalya, Turkey’s famous holiday resort city, where one person lost their life while a pylon outside the city also blocked the way for nearly 200 people who were left hanging in the air. The disaster took place on Friday afternoon when an old cabin from the Antalya Cable Car, referred to as Tunektepe Teleferik by the locals and visitors alike, rammed into an already battered pole.

According to The Guardian’s news, the gondola fell into a rugged area as a result of the collapse of the pylon. It was later confirmed by Turkey’s Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya that one person died in this incident, a 54-year-old Turkish man. The rest of those affected include six Turks and one Kyrgyz, among whom are two children; all have injuries.

Promptly answered and implemented without delay, the response ensured that ten helicopters and more than 600 search-and-rescue personnel were sent on-site. The operation, which was coordinated by the AFAD, Coast Guard, fire brigade, among other involved entities, managed to remove all stranded passengers safely.

None of the people waiting for help had serious injuries despite the terrifying experience. Fahrettin Koca, Turkey’s health minister, sent her sympathies for the departed and wished the injured a quick recovery.

Following an inquiry into the incident, 13 people associated with the companies running the cable car and in charge of its upkeep and repairs were placed under detention orders. After being finished in 2017, the cable car line is subject to routine inspections and tests.

This sad incident serves as a reminder of how crucial safety is in such infrastructure and how strict maintenance and supervision procedures are required. Authorities are striving to guarantee the security of all cable car networks nationwide while their investigations are ongoing.

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