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Buoy Is A New Water Monitor That Tells You How Much Water You Are Using At Home And Finds Leaks

(Source: The Verge)

We take water as granted but it is not a commodity we should be so careless about. Water shortage is real and the way we waste water, we will feel the consequences really soon. Buoy Labs is a new company that aims to minimize the wastage of water.The company has released its first product named Buoy today. It measures the amount of water being used in a home.

The monitor can tell the homeowners how much water is being used in the shower, the amount used for washing dishes and for doing laundry as well as flushing toilets. More importantly, it can detect if there are any leaks that would otherwise be undetectable.

(Source: The Verge)

Keri Waters is Buoy’s co-founder and the company’s CEO. She lives in California and started finding ways to reduce water usage two years ago. According to Waters, the drought in California “is a canary in the coal mine of what’s coming for the whole country.”

This was the motivation behind inventing the Water Monitor that makes cutting down your water usage easier. Waters points out that saving water not only means taking shorter showers but using efficient appliances. Furthermore, 10 % of homes have wasteful leaks which could cut down water usage by 10% if fixed.

Buoy monitors the water flow through the home’s pipes and then uploads the data to the company’s servers, which use machine learning to categorize water usage. It automatically differentiates between showers, running faucets and flushed toilets based on the flow rates. It even has the ability to differentiate when water is being used at multiple places at the same time.

The monitor has an app accompanying it and it can show the overall water usage throughout the day category wise on your smartphone. It will also notify you if there is a leak that needs your attention. This is not the first time a product like this is being introduced. Other companies have come up with similar products but none of them were able to categorize the water usage as Buoy does. Some of them introduced the concept but were unable to ship.

(Source: The Verge)

This water monitor, however, is ready to ship today and you can get yours for $799. It is a steep price but it also includes installation cost by a plumber and gives you lifetime access to its features so you never have to worry about additional costs later.

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