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BreadBot Can Make You Fresh Bread At Home

The horrifying thought that the robots will soon be taking our jobs is something that worries a lot of us. If you are a baker, the rumors might become a reality sooner than later. Say hello to BreadBot! This robot can mix, form, proof, and bake ten loaves of bread for you in an hour.

BreadBot was unveiled to the world during CES 2019. The autonomous machine begins the process with dry ingredients and is capable of baking different kinds of bread including whole wheat, white, sourdough, nine grain, and honey oat. The BreadBot has been manufactured by the Wilkinson Baking Company and offers a compact footprint. It can be installed almost everywhere.

The BreadBot can also alert the staff when it is time to fill it up with more ingredients as well and when it is time to slice the fresh loaves. It is being marketed as a smart green choice for smaller supermarkets as opposed to purchasing bread from a wholesaler.

Instead of bearing the cost for the loaves’ transport, you will only get dry ingredients and will be able to carry fresh baking in the store. This results in lesser wastage. The bread will come with a lesser amount of preservatives because the need to keep it fresh during the storage or transportation phase will be diminished.

A customer can walk away with a cooled down and sliced loaf after an hour of baking or can also take a hot loaf only 18 minutes after the bread has made its way out of the oven. BreadBot is very strict about the ‘freshness,’ as you can see!

There are many food robots that are trying to fit in the food business, however; they usually provide with undercooked or overcooked meals. BreadBot might find its place owing to its precise baking. One thing is for certain though; robots are definitely coming to stay in the food business!