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Brazilian Research Team Creates Plastic That Can Be Eaten

Kitchen plastic waste is huge thanks to the food packaging and wraps. Did you know that plastic takes about 400 years to decompose? Yeah, that’s exactly why a team of Brazilian researchers has created an edible plastic film that is created from various kinds of food such as vegetables, fruit and spices. The research was carried out in the nanotechnology laboratory of the Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research.

This new edible plastic film has been created using beets, passion fruit, papaya, spinach, tomatoes and guava. This research is helping in order to reduce food waste by making use of overly ripe produce that would otherwise end up in the waste. The edible plastic film features the flexibility of synthetic plastics along with the nutritional values of the produce.

The film is capable of conserving food for twice the time period that a traditional plastic would. It is also 3x more resistant. The plastic film is biodegradable and edible and decomposes within 3 months and be used as a fertilizer too.