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BotBoxer Helps You Train To Become The Ultimate Fighting Machine

(Source: Trend Hunter)

All the boxers train by spending countless hours with a punching bag. They have sparring sessions with partners as well but a majority of the time is spent with punching bags. When in the ring, their opponent won’t be a punching bag and won’t simply stand there taking their punches. Germany’s SkyTec Interactive understands that and built the BotBoxer to solve that problem.

BotBoxer is equipped with high-speed computer vision and motion recognition systems. It can spot the users’ punches and reacts by moving the punching bag away from the fists. Its reaction is said to be “faster than a world champion.” This forces the user to increase the power and velocity of their punches if they actually want to hit the bag.

(Source: New Atlas)

Every boxer is on a different level and the BotBoxer comes with an adjustable system that you can set to your needs. Users have the option to set a reaction time as well as dictate a range of motion and the frequency at which it makes a mistake. They can also set the time it takes to recover from blows and like a human boxer, its endurance goes down as the fight progresses.

The system has a 19-inch touchscreen that provides the users with blow-by-blow performance statistics after each sparring session. This lets them know the areas where they are lacking and what they need to improve. The information is stored in the cloud allowing the users to access it from anywhere there is an internet access.

(Source: New Atlas)

SkyTec is currently accepting deposits of $990. This deposit will be a part of the $19,995 discounted price. The price will be going up to $24,900 after the 30th of June. The system is expected to be shipped in September. You can check it out in action in the video below:

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