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BMW’s Attack Ads Targeted Towards Tesla Model 3 Are Ironically Hilarious

BMW's Attack Ads for Tesla Model 3 Are Ironically Hilarious_Image 1

BMW’s latest ad campaign is a direct attack on Tesla Model 3. The new ad campaign of the auto manufacturer promotes BMW 330e, the plugin-hybrid of the 3-Series while making subtle jabs at the potential customers of Tesla Model 3.

Image source: BMW

BMW 330e comes with 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder engine coupled with a 7.6kWh battery. Both the sources offer a combined horsepower of 248hp, mileage of 72 MPGe, and a torque of 310 lb-feet. The only problem with the BMW ad campaign is that it is hilariously ironic.

You can watch the first ad below:



The ad is titled “Waiting” and details all that you will do as you wait for the new EV of “that electric car company”; i.e. doing your taxes several times, celebrating New Year, and watching your neighbour drive away in his stylish new ride: the BMW 330e. The ad closes with the note:

“It’s the car you’ve been waiting for, without the wait.”

Image Source: BMW


The second ad is titled “Wait or Drive”:



This one covers all that you had to go through to reserve some electric car, allegedly the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Now your name is on that exclusive list of prospective drivers of a car that is yet to see the daylight. The ad then goes on to boast about the performance of 330e. The ad also throws shade at the EV with Tesla-like charging stations.


Image Source: BMW


Both the ads fail to grasp the true extent of what Tesla Model 3 offers (or promises to offer) in comparison to the BMW 330e. While BMW had to spend money to make two ads taunting Model 3 “electric car” indirectly, Tesla received around 100,000 deposits for the EV even before it was revealed. Another 370,000 Model 3 were reserved in the first week. Unlike BMW, Tesla didn’t spend on advertisement and yet snagged $1000 deposit for Model 3 from a quarter of a million patrons.


Image Source: YouTube


True, Americans don’t like waiting. In fact, it is their least favourite thing. Yet, Tesla Model 3 promise is worth the wait and Tesla customers want a unique and distinct car. The trademark aerodynamic design and features like AutoPilot and Ludicrous Mode make people go crazy for Tesla.


Image Source: Bgr


A better approach for BMW would have been to wait for Tesla to announce its plans for delayed shipping, which is very likely given the present status of Model 3 production.

BMW took the leap unheeded and now looks like a company who is too intimidated by a car that has yet to go into production.

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