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Bill Nye Explains How LightSail 2 Works In This Video

Bill Nye Is Explaining The Working Of LightSail 2 In This Video

Do you know who the CEO of the Planetary Society is? If you don’t know; Bill Nye is the CEO of the Planetary Society, and he recently explained how light from the sun could be used for traveling to the stars.

The Planetary Society is currently on working on making use of light from the sun to travel to the stars. In fact, on June 25, the Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 went into orbit onboard Falcon Heavy Rocket from SpaceX. LightSail 2 has already begun sending back images to Earth.

The solar sail that is the highlight of LightSail 2 is propelled using only sunlight. It is this technology that promises a future where it would be possible to travel the galaxy using only light from the sun. The video that we are sharing with you today shows Daniel Oberhaus from WIRED talking to the Planetary Society CEO, Bill Nye about the technology that has been used in LightSail 2.

Bill Nye talks about how exciting it is to be able to be space sailing using sunlight. Bill Nye also talks about Carl Sagan’s plans from the 1970s for such a device. He even brought a model of the LightSail 2 (1/10th the size of the actual thing) for explaining in detail how it works. The device is actually quite simple. It functions when the sunlight hits it and gives it a push. However, we won’t be disclosing more than that here. What we will tell you that hearing Bill Nye talk about it is actually quite spectacular, and you should totally check it out. WIRED even added graphics to illustrate the working of LightSail 2 perfectly.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Bill Nye explaining the working of LightSail 2 in this WIRED interview.

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