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Bikers Given A Second Chance At Life With This High-Tech Wearable Motorcycle Airbag

Motorcycle Racers Given A Second Chance At Life With The High-Tech Wearable Motorcycle Airbag _Image 4

A motorcycle crash is never a pleasant sight. The first second after the collision is the most critical moment of the accident as the body takes the impact. Thus, the efficiency of the safety system is determined by how fast it deploys after the crash.

The MotoGP riders have been protected by Alpinestars’ Tech-Air, the motorcycle airbag, for more than seven years. Though the protection system was initially designed for the motorcyclists, yet it can adequately be employed in all settings, even the non-racing ones.


Image Source: Alpinestars


Though this upper body safety wearable is priced at a hefty $1000, it certainly gives the people involved in the crash a second chance at life.

Tech-Air takes a mere one-tenth of a second to inflate and can be used both on and off-road in all conditions. The airbag provides effective protection to the upper body of the rider including the shoulders, kidneys, back and chest.

From the detection of the impact to the inflation of the motorcycle airbag, Tech-Air only takes one-tenth of a second. The wearable is fitted with an LED panel on the sleeve which depicts the battery life. A fully charged battery can keep the Tech-Air smart airbag functional for about one day.


Image Source: Alpinestars


The unique feature of Tech-air is that it can also detect the impact if the rider is stationary and is hit by a moving vehicle. The design employs a distinctive, comfortable scheme which allows the riders to ride in comfort even after the deployment of Tech-Air.


Image Source: Alpinestars


The only compromise that you will have to make is to ditch your favorite biker’s jacket and opt for the Tech-Air compatible Viper or Valparaiso; it is quite a small sacrifice for your safety.


Image Source: Alpinestars


Check out this video demonstrating Tech-Air in action:



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