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Best Hand-Held Gaming Consoles You Should Buy

Handheld consoles have a huge market as gamers want to play even on the go. Portable gaming consoles have been around for a long time and with time their use and features have grown. They make a great holiday gift as well so consider our list of best hand-held gaming consoles you Should Buy before buying.

8. GCW-Zero (150$)

This handheld Linux-based console was released after a Kickstarter campaign worldwide. The product itself is very new, so it has no community as of yet. The controller has 16GB internal storage and has an Ingenic JZ4770 processor.

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7. Nintendo 3DS(249$)

This console is capable of displaying 3D stereoscopic view without the 3D glasses.First launched in 2011, it has many models with the latest launched in August 2012. The console has 64MB memory and a Dual-Core ARM11 MPCore.

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6. Razer Edge(760$)

Razer Edge is basically a tablet designed for gaming. Included storage is 64GB and it is powered by Intel’s 4th generation i7. This indeed is a powerful device as compared to the others but still has a limited community and a very high retail price.

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5. Nintendo 2DS(97.95$)

The controller of this handheld gaming console can run 3DS and DS cartridges but has a considerably low battery life of merely 3 hours. It is powered by Dual-Core ARM11MPCore just like the 3DS, but unlike the latter, it has 1GB of storage.

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4. WikiPad(344.86$)

This console offers an excellent gaming experience. Powered by a powerful  Quad-Core Nvidia Tegra 3 T30S,  it has 16GB internal storage but is still struggling at the developer end as it has only 300 games, of which the majority look like cheap variants of popular games on other platforms.

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3. Nvidia Shield(440$)

This device actually allows you to remotely wake up your computer and play games from anywhere. The only problem with this console is the fact that you need to have GeForce graphics card to stream from your PC.

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2. Nintendo 3DS XL Review(173$)

A variant of 3DS, this one has 5″ screen for your gameplay. The console has some of the best games available exclusively for its platform making it a great buy.

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1. Sony PlayStation Vita(200$)

This device retains its capabilities of remote play with PlayStation 4. This platform has the highest number of independent games and with a Quad-Core PowerVR SG543MP4 graphic card, it provides the best experience out of all the handheld consoles featured on this list.

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