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Benefits Of Parylene Coating

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Since its original commercialization in the mid 1960s, Parylene has enjoyed a long and successful history of protecting products in many different kinds of industries. From products within the medical industry to the automotive industry, electronics, military and even aerospace, Parylene is incredibly valuable and helps to offer protection without impacting even the smallest and most precise pieces of a machine.

If you are curious about the many benefits of Parylene coating, continue reading so that we can break down all the incredible things that it can offer!

It’s an ultra-thin film

While Parylene is highly protective, it has a tiny impact on the actual size of the machine that it is protecting. The reason why is because its coating thickness ranges from 500 angstroms to 75 microns. 

It’s highly heat resistant 

Not only is Parylene a highly thin film, it is also highly heat resistant. In fact, it remains thermally stable up to 450 degrees! 

Offers top protection from moisture

This is probably the greatest reason why Parylene is so popular for high-tech and highly expensive machines. They offer a major barrier from moisture thanks to its chemical barrier coating. Beyond that, it provides a superior, pinhole-free barrier that is resistant to chemical attacks from organic solvents, inorganic reagents, oxygen, acids, corrosive liquids, gases and moisture.

Highly UV stability

Parylene offers top UV stability after more than 2,000 total hours of sustained UV exposure

Offers lubricity

Another highly important reason why expensive and complex machines use Parylene is because it provides a very low coefficient of friction, providing fry film lubricity to a number of applications. This highly reduces the risk of overheating for many different parts of machines. 

It’s environmentally friendly 

Parylene complies with many of the world’s restrictions when it comes to the Use of Hazardous Substances. Beyond that, Parylene is lead free, and halogen free.

Dielectric strength

Another major benefit is that Parylene has an extremely high dielectric strength thanks to that fact that it is able to be formed as a thin, continuous film. This means that it comes free of defects and fillers that are found in many other conventional types of coatings. 

Top visibility

A key benefit of Parylene, especially from the point of view of engineers and mechanics is that it is completely transparent and covers clearly visibility for anything that it is coating. That means that it allows for easy diagnostics and repairs if there are any issues with the machine that it is coating. 

Ideal adhesion properties

Parylene was created and has been refined by some of the world’s most experienced and decorated engineers in the world. For that reason, it has created one of the best coatings in many different markets for many different purposes. Parylene is known to increase adhesion between the coatings and difficult substrate. This is critical for being able to provide the maximum amount of coating for the longest amount of time. This means that you can be confident that your machines covered in Parylene will be covered for a very long time indeed.