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Belgium Has Reported The World’s First Case Of A Person Infected With Multiple COVID Variants

The onset of the pandemic and its exponential spread has even led the scientists and researchers to be incredulous as the whole situation is a unique one and nothing like this has been experienced before by them. This shows how novel the virus is and how important it is to be vigilant. They are always on the lookout for studying critical cases and derive conclusions or form deductions based on that.

A recent case from Belgium has, for the first time, shown that a lady who was 90 years old had contracted two variants of the virus at the same time. She was infected with both South African and the UK strain simultaneously. This has never been seen before.

Illustration of the spike protein (red) from the B.1.531 variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the cause of the respiratory illness Covid-19. The mutation site of the new variant is yellow. The spike protein binds to angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2, blue) in the host cell membrane, mediating viral entry to the host cell. B.1.531 was first identified in South Africa. Its mutation may help it evade the immune system.

Researchers say that the woman’s breathing was stable and did not deteriorate as usually does. However, still, she died within five days. they believe that the process of deterioration and degeneration was augmented by the presence of both variants. She was not vaccinated, and it happened in March earlier. The doctors speculate that she might have gotten the virus from two different people.

This condition of contracting two different kinds of variants at the same time is being called a co-infection. Molecular biologists could not certainly talk about the cells that were affected by the virus and which variant caused which of the consequences. However, it is very much sure that a person can contract two kinds of viruses which can prove to be just as deadly or even more in this case. The only way to stay safe is to take precautions and avoid unnecessary socializing or going out. Isolating oneself and staying clear of the areas where there is a high chance of a virus being present are the only ways through which people can ensure their safety. Moreover, vaccines help combat the virus too.

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