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Are you a busy parent? Are you worried about your kids?

Nowadays parents are so busy with their work that they give their mobiles and laptops to their kids to keep them engaged. But are you sure about the safety of your kid there? Now the social media platforms are vast. They have so much influence on everyone’s life. Our kids are now exposed to these platforms even far before they are matured enough to handle it. 

So, the risk fact is also very high. It is very important to protect and have control over your kids whenever they are using these platforms and media. If you are searching for any better assistance to keep your kids safe from danger, Parental control apps are the best option.


FamiSafe parental control app is one of the most trusted android parental control apps. FamiSafe will provide better services with 100 percent efficiency and trust. So, a service provider like FamiSafe will help you a lot to make a better result. FamiSafe is a full-featured parental control app that provides almost every feature you need. They are transparent enough to give a free trial to the app which helps the users to have an idea of the service.

Features and benefits of parental control apps.

Before heading to the benefits of these apps you must be aware of some serious facts then only you will be able to know how important is this app.

Some surveys reveal some dangerous data.

? 50% of teens hide their online activities from their parents

? 46% cleared their browsing history to escape from their parents.

? 88% of our teens share so much personal information through online platforms.

? 35% receive unwanted explicit images through social media platforms.

? 80% of our teens even don’t know the seriousness of cyberbullying which they think is a funny thing.

Are you getting the seriousness of these issues?

We are sure if you are a clever parent, you will be able to understand the gravity of these issues. So now let’s get into the solution yes, the parental control apps.


FamiSafe has so many features to help the parents. Some of them are mentioning here.

Control the apps:  

with the help of android parental controls apps, you can have an access to your kid’s activities. You can control the apps they are using. If you feel some of the apps are not much safe for them or you feel like your kids are not so matured enough to deal with some sites or apps you can block those sites and apps with the help of these services.

Limit the time: 

If you feel like your kid is spending so much time on these social media and other activities you can fix a time limit for them to use the apps with the help of these android parental control apps. This will help you to limit the time of usage on these platforms. So, after the restricted time, your kid won’t be able to access the apps or platforms even if you are not near them. The system will be locked itself.

Location accessing: 

If your kid is out for something and is late to reach back, stop worrying if you have these parental control apps you can easily know their location and their speed, and everything related to their actions through the GPS services provided by the team. If they are into any troubles or any dangerous territory the service will give you a proper warning which will be a blessing for you to save your kid and reduce the risks.

How to get the app and how much it costs.

It is very easy to get the services from the providers for that you just need to do three things.

Register:  you have to download the app from the google play store or the app store. Then register to the FamiSafe account.

Install:  Install the app from both the devices, that is, from your device and your kids’ device

Connect:  now you can connect to the app and manage the services and applications from your device.

Subscription plans

FamiSafe is providing 3 days free trial to get an idea of the app after that if you feel it worth buying there are attractive subscription plans available.

Annual plan: it comprises $59.99 for accessing 10 devices.

Quarterly plan: in quarterly plans, you can access 10 devices with $19.99

Monthly plan:  in a monthly plan with $9.99 you can access only 5 devices.

These are the subscription plans provided by the team.


Wrapping up

It is difficult for the parent to guide and control their kids in this digital world. Hence to keep an eye on your kids the best thing is nothing but to buy a prenatal control app. They help you to have permit over their activities in social media platforms and other applications through electronic media. This will be a blessing for the parents. So don’t hesitate to make a better choice.

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