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Bangladeshi Boy Gets Trapped In Container While Playing Hide-And-Seek – Ends Up In Malaysia

A kid from Bangladesh traveled a thousand miles for days and landed in Malaysia while playing hide-and-seek.

Staff at Malaysia’s Port Klang reported that the boy, known as Fahim, was found in one of the containers unloaded in Port Klang on Jan. 17. They were shocked to see him, and the port authorities couldn’t get any information out of him due to the language barrier, but they suspected that he was the victim of a human trafficking crime organization, so they immediately called the police.

Authorities believe he entered the container when the ship was docked in Chittagong city on Jan. 12. He was found alone inside and was sent for a medical examination. They said there were no signs of human trafficking.

Photos and clips shot by workers at Port Klang show the scrawny boy looking confused by the unfamiliar surroundings as he steps out of the shipping container. He is later picked up by an ambulance and taken to a local hospital.

The boy told Malaysian investigators that he fell asleep in the shipping container while hiding from his friends, and then found himself locked in. Despite his cries for help, no one came to his rescue, so he spent six days locked inside. His container was transported by ship, almost 2,000 miles to Port Klang. The boy had not eaten anything in the days when he was finally able to escape his metal prison and looked shrunken. Luckily, he was stabilized at the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Malaysia has already begun proceedings to repatriate Fahim to his home country of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi boy can consider himself fortunate as shipping vessels can spend weeks, even months at sea, and without any food and water, he would have surely perished.

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