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Bad news Earth Because Leonardo DiCaprio Is Going To Mars With SpaceX


Pic Credits: Inhabitat

Our beloved Leonardo DiCaprio might be aiming for yet another feat in his already illustrious career. After FINALLY winning a much deserved Oscar, a major landmark in any actor’s career, he now has revealed plans of being one of the first people to land on SpaceX’s mission to Mars.

DiCaprio has travelled the entire world throughout his enviable acting career, and now it seems as though he has set his sights on exploring a new planet. This Monday he revealed his desire to be part of Elon Musk’s much anticipated visit to the red planet in a discussion at the White House. The discussion included mentioning of his new documentary called, Before the Flood, which is a reinforcement of DiCaprio’s staunch and vehement support of the climate change cause.

Di Caprio’s new film is a documentary made in collaboration with National Geographic, which will focus on his life travels and his findings on the increasing threat of climate change. The documentary involves DiCaprio’s journey from Miami to Canada, Beijing, and Indonesia where he found clear evidence of climate change and the havoc it is wreaking on our planet. We will witness the first-hand documentation of melting arctic ice and interviews with numerous climate scientists, experts, and world leaders. The film is due to hit theatres on October 21st, and the National Geographic Channel will begin its telecasting on October 30th.

DiCaprio’s passion and commitment towards the cause of global warming has been on the show for many instances, the latest one being the interview with The Guardian. DiCaprio openly took all the climate change deniers with a firm grip saying: “If you don’t believe in climate change, you don’t believe in facts, and science, and empirical truths. And, in my humble opinion, [you] should not be allowed to hold public office.” While he didn’t take a name, it was pretty clear that this was a jab at Donald Trump and his statement claiming that climate change is a hoax and created by the Chinese to disrupt our industry.

Pic Credits: Inhabitat

Whether DiCaprio will actually sign up for the Mars mission or not, only time will tell. But his commitment towards exploring new horizons and fighting for the causes that matter will always keep him like an apple of our eyes.

Here is the trailer of his upcoming documentary, “Before The  Flood”:

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