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Austrian Airline Company To Start The World’s Shortest International Flight That Will Last Only 8 Minutes

This plane trip will vow to be shorter than the time you spend on the airport for security clearance. An Austrian airline company has decided to launch the shortest international flight, which will comprise of just eight minutes.

[Image Source: Stefg74]

The Austrian company, People’s Viennaline, will take passengers from St Gallen in Switzerland to Friedrichshafen in Germany. And the plane will cover the 13-mile distance at the cost of £34 (€40).

The service is scheduled to operate twice daily from November 2, and aims to cut down the travelling time between the two countries – partitioned by Lake Constance – which currently has to be covered by driving across the lake in a 77km (47 miles) journey, taking about an hour.

[Image Source: Google Maps]


A ferry service also enables the people to cross the lake, but it too takes about one hour and 20 minutes.

Previously, the record for the shortest International flight was taken by route between the Austrian capital of Vienna and the Slovak capital of Bratislava. However, the ten-minute trip has been discontinued.

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