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Australian Government Has Printed 400 Million $50 Banknotes With A Major Typo

Hello there, and welcome to the world of typos. We have all been there with making a typo and completely changing the context of our message or email. However, the news of an incident in Australia about a typo is something that we have never witnessed before! The Australian $50 banknote that was released last year in October has misspelled the word ‘responsibility’!

As it happens, the Australian fifty dollar note is the most used banknote in the country and a total of 400 millions of these notes were printed! The banknote features a portrait of Edith Cowan.

For those of you who are unaware, Edith Cowan is the country’s first female parliamentarian. The error exists in the microprint that features excerpts of the first speech that Edith Cowan made to the Western Australian Parliament.

A total of 46 millions of these banknotes are already in use thereby placing the total value of the currency in circulation at about A$2.3 billion! What do you think needs to be done? Do let us know!

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