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Atmos Facemask Is Your New Personal Air Purifier

Amidst dozens of artificially intelligent machines stealing the limelight, self-driving vehicles taking over the roads, the latest technologies strengthening their roots, fresh and clean air has become inevitable. The more science is digging deeper, the farther we are moving away from nature and the unhealthier the environment is becoming.

Ao air face-ware mask

Putting the flashlights over a company who cares for us, AoAir has introduced a face mask “Atmos”, that is simply a clear plastic bubble covering your nose and mouth. Worrying about the weirdness you’ll feel in public while you’ve put it on? Oh, they’ve handled that too! The mask is framed with multi-colored lights that surely adds to your fashion statement.

All the allergic heads here, rush to the stores now, as it is made for the high percentage of people who have to face polluted environments for a fraction of their lives. It is equipped with a two-phase filtration system for light to intense scenarios.“We’re facing realities unlike before,” said Mikal Peveto, U.S. head of AoAir. “Unless people really know what air they’re breathing in, they don’t really act.”

The two-phase air filtration system

So it is your personal filter that ensures purified air reaches your lungs, quite satisfying though. When states like Australia, is facing extreme bushfires, such inventions prove to be blessings in themselves. The consequences of such incidents are faced by neighborhoods as well, and the pollution it causes invokes allergies or even serious diseases like cancer.

AO Air has been proved to facilitate the buyer with 50 times better protection than its challengers, and a strong trait of the addressed brand is as follows; it has been tested independently by the Auckland University of Technology and is successful in purifying 240 liters of the atmosphere per minute, and depending on the status of the environment, the filters will work perfectly for a month. The accumulators will last for five hours, depending on the capacity of the lungs, its physical capacity, and the air’s quality.

Ao Air – Need of the era

A standard mask requires your lungs to do the work by pulling the air across the mask filter before it goes in your lungs; a negative pressure system,’AO air explains on the FAQ section of its website. ‘The atmos works for you by pushing the air across the filters with the li-ion powered fans. This generates a pocket of clean air in front of your face ready, for your next breath, a positive pressure system.’

As per the price is concerned, a unit would cost you $350, but it’s a good compromise on the pocket for healthier lungs.

Rushing to buy mine!

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