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Artist Creates Images That Show How The End Of The World Will Look Like

What’s that one famous genre of movies that we see every year and each year it amazes us? Yup, the apocalyptic ones where the world is usually in peril and about to end. Meet Steve McGhee, a visual artist, who is inspired by such movies and came up with amazingly intriguing images of how he believes the world would end. To do so, he photoshopped images of famous cities and their monuments.

According to Steve, he is inspired the disasters that take place every day. He said, “I guess it’s too many disaster movies. That and the fact that I’m fascinated by things we, as human beings, have little or no control over. Disasters happen every day, all around the world. We just hear about the more fantastical ones the media focuses on. Every day someone, somewhere, is involved in a life-altering disaster. It doesn’t have to be a 300-foot wave crashing into a skyscraper.”

As expected, he has a vivid imagination and in order to create these images of the world in peril, he imagines the most horrific scenarios in the places that most people are familiar with such as Sydney, New York or Rio de Janeiro.

He clarified though, “My work is in no way intended to glorify or condone acts of terrorism or celebrate the loss of millions of souls who have perished in past events. Rather it is a commentary on the frailty of human existence and made to honor the loved ones left behind to deal with their unbearable loss.”