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Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over All Jobs By 2030 Says Elon Musk


A study by the Cornell University Library speculates that artificial intelligence will be able to take over human intelligence as soon as 2060! According to the report, there’s a 50 percent chance for AI to beat humans in the next 45 years. The study results came after a survey with 350 artificial intelligence researchers, so it is based on sound research and a large data sample.

The survey suggests that AI would better translate languages by 2024, write better essays by 2025 and get better in driving trucks by 2027. AI will take all jobs in retail stores by 2031 and by 2049 they could be publishing bestselling books. As modern medical technology indicates, AI might even be autonomously performing surgeries by the year 2053.

The survey conducted by the University of Oxford and Yale University concluded that in the next 120 years all humans jobs would be automated.

The result might make you uneasy, but the respondents also said that there’s only a 5 percent chance of computers causing human extinction.

“There is accumulating evidence that machines can overpower human intelligence in complex, though specific tasks,” Eleni Vasilaki from the University of Sheffield in the U.K. said in a statement. “But there is little evidence that AI with human-like versatility will appear anytime soon.”

But tech mogul Elon Musk disagrees, saying that AI might beat humans much earlier than that. He claims that since AI can master any intellectual activity, it can completely take over humans as soon as 2030.

Elon Musk said in a Tweet while resounding to New Scientist’s post about AI beating humans,

“Probably closer to 2030 to 2040 IMO. 2060 would be a linear extrapolation, but progress is exponential.”

Time to start acquiring new skills people! A massive unemployment tsunami might be coming before we know it!

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