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Apple Will Pay You To Recycle Your Outdated iPhone

apple trade in recycle iphone program

Apple arranged a special gathering event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. The company has recently introduced three new iPhones, in three different tiers which range from expensive to very expensive. Apple has also offered another incentive which is to recycle your old smartphone and get some money in return. The GiveBack program of Apple will pay up to $525 for a good condition iPhone X. The amount will decrease for previous models, cracked screens, water damages, dead batteries, etc. You can fill out the questionnaire and find if your phone, computer, tablet or Apple watch is still eligible for compensation or not.

The exciting thing is that this offer is available for non-Apple products as well. If you have spare Samsung Galaxies or Google Pixels, you can get them recycled with the proposal. The material used in each smartphone is tough to find and to reuse the old phones will mean that companies do not need to dig out more and more of the building material. Without recycling, a lot of equipment and products, which get wasted each year can be saved. You can help the planet and also get some bucks in return for sending in your old device.

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